Solar Panel

Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable and sustainable energy has many clear advantages over coal, oil and nuclear electricity generation which currently makes up most of our energy mix.

  • Long term energy security
  • Technology export to a growing market segment
  • Carbon trading options through future global trading networks
  • Long term economic growth
  • Facilitates the introduction of smart grids and electric vehicles
  • Facilitates recycling of waste heat, hydrogen and other industry by-products
  • Lower pollution and health hazard
  • Greater environmental protection
  • Less energy security threat from terrorism through decentralised renewable energy generation
  • Save depleting oil based resources for important uses such as airline fuel where few alternative options exist
  • Cheaper - long term advantages make renewable the cost effective solution for future years when a depleting oil supply will push oil prices up consistently
  • Safer - no coal mining accidents, no uranium contamination, just clean efficient and safe energy
  • Wave energy can produce direct fresh clean drinking water through forced desalination
  • Lower transmission losses as economies of scale no longer force large base load generation facilities into semi remote locations
  • Wind turbines can be installed at sea taking up no land mass
  • Wind turbines provide attractive alternative income for farmers if they are placed on their land
  • Save huge amounts of water which can then be used for drinking. This leads to a reduction in the amount of desalination plants required