Sustainable Food


It would be a mistake to talk about sustainable energy and not consider the energy associated with agriculture. In fact what we eat greatly determines how much impact we have on our surrounding environment. By eating beef and other meats which are not native to Australia, we must supplement their diet with grains and pellets as well as creating suitable grazing land for them. What's more, cattle emit a large amount of methane, a significant greenhouse gas. In fact, methane accounts for 15% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

A vegetarian driving a hummer for transport has a smaller carbon footprint than your average meat eater riding a bicycle.

So if you are a vegetarian, then you have already made a very large positive impact on your energy needs. If everyone became a vegetarian, then we would see a major drop in energy usage in the agricultural industry.

Can I eat meat which is native to the area?

Another option is to switch our meat part of the diet to native animals, or those less destructive to the environment. Kangaroos are the obvious alternative and come with a number of benefits.

Kangaroo meat is 98% fat free, very high in protein, iron, zinc and contains conjugated linoleic acid, which reduces blood pressure. For a meat which is healthy and a low impact on our environment, it is a shame we don't eat more of it in instead of beef.

Kangaroo is a little different to beef and hence requires a different cooking method. Using a hot pan, the meat can be cooked so that it is tender and tasty. When cooked like a steak, kangaroo can tend to develop a very strong taste and turn chewy.

What about fish?

As our marine environment is placed under evermore stress and several species head towards extinction from over fishing, we look for sustainable sea creatures. One of the most sustainable sea foods is squid. Squid only live for 12-18 months, and are a long way off being over fished.

What does eating sustainably have to do with sustainable energy?

Energy is one of the more predominant areas of sustainability that need addressing, however sustainability as a concept embodies a number of different aspects. Food is included on this site as it is important to be aware of the interactions between different areas of sustainability. By eating different foods, we do reduce the overall energy spent producing or catching that food and distributing to where it is consumed.