Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

The electric vehicle is yet to make its break in Australia although recent announcements in the US and the UK demonstrate that it is only a matter of time before car companies click on to the potential market here. Currently there are a number of electric vehicle conversion and parts companies in Australia, and it is likely that there will be much more in the future.

Electric Vehicle Revolution Starts Now

Vehicle to Grid

When coupled through Vehicle to Grid (V2G) systems, electric vehicles can allow the introduction of more renewable energy sources such as wind, wave, solar and geothermal energy onto our electricity transmission system. Furthermore the introduction of the carbon trading market in Australia in 2011, should prompt financial incentives for individuals and companies to look into low carbon emitters such as electric vehicles, and the benefits they can bring to sustainable energy increase.

Vehicle to Grid

There is no doubt that the electric vehicle will play a major role in the development of a more sustainable Australia in the very near future. If you want to find out more about electric vehicles or are interested in converting your car, there are a number of resources that you can Google. You may also want to check out this Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Link if you want to try and build your own.

There are a number of other car options which reduce the carbon footprint of the vehicle, however these technologies are no where near as efficient as electric vehicles. Some of the more efficient vehicle technologies include Hybrids, Hydrogen Powered Vehicles and Air Powered Vehicles. There are also a number of incentives from the Government to convert your car to gas which is worth looking into, although gas is still a non renewable resource which Australia exports, will soon have a tax associated with it, and is of course running out. There are also some impressive diesel vehicles coming onto the Australian market with better MPG performance, however electric vehicles and the benefits of vehicle connected electric vehicles put them well ahead of the competition, especially when we look at carbon emissions.

Advantages of Electric Cars

  • Use much less energy than combustion engine driven vehicles
  • Can be charged directly from the sun or by wind turbines
  • Batteries can act as demand management storage during the 95% of time the vehicle is parked using vehicle to grid
  • Electric cars don't stink and don't clog up our streets with carbon monoxide and other nasties
  • Electric cars have instant full torque accelleration the moment you press the accellerator
  • The center of mass of the vehicle can be lower as weight is distributed more intelligently around the perimeter of the vehicle which allows for better handling
  • They can be charged anywhere there is access to electricity and this can come directly from solar panels or small home based wind turbines. I.e. no more trips to the petrol station.
  • A huge onboard voltage allows you to run a fairly heffty sound system which doesn't require bulky and expensive inverters
  • They are quiet and ellegant. Electric cars are green and some are most definitely sexy.
  • Electric vehicles require no oxygen, so you can design one which runs under water!

Who Killed the Electric Car?

If you haven't seen this movie and you want a basic introduction to electric vehicles and perhaps why they haven't made it onto the market, then have a look at this trailer below. Many suspect that car manufacturers have financial incentive not to release electric cars and this has halted production from the major manufacturers. Some start up manufacturers such as Tesla Motors have taken advantage of the situation and are rolling out productions of electric sports cars and soon a family sedan to a thisrty market.

Electric Motor Bike

Another option is to convert your motorbike to electric. This would be an interesting project which would certainly cost a few $$ initially, but would provide you with a reliable electric motorbike which cost very little to run.

According to the video this particular electric motorbike has the following specs:

Air Powered Vehicle

Ok so it is not air powered entirely as energy has to be used to compress air in the first place, however it does have some real advantages. Apart from avoiding health issues with confined fumes, air powered vehicles have proven an energy storage system which can be deployed into standard vehicles. Range and power would be limited, however given the right financial and environmental incentives, we may see air powered vehicles find their way into the transport industry.

How to generate the compressed air

Solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable energy sources could be used to compress the air into giant reinforced compressed air chambers and then used when it is needed. This is similar to the principle of pumping water up a hill using excess energy in off peak times and regenerating when the energy is needed, except that the medium of storage is directly used in propelling the vehicle.