Pictures of Renewable Energy

Here are some pictures that I have taken relating to the renewable energy field. Some of them I have for sale at I have also used a number of pictures on this site from where you can sign up starting from about $20 for unlimited access (for a period of time) to thousands of royalty free photos, illustrations and icons.

Which camera did I use?

I get asked this occasionally, so here it is: Some of the older photos were taken on a small pocket sized Canon, whilst my most recent shots were taken on a digital SLR (D90 Model).

If you would like to use any of my photos which aren't for sale at iStock, then please contact me. A simple acknowledgement of the photo source or a link to this site will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to get some tips on taking pics, then you might find my photo tips site useful.

Want to share a photo here?

If you have any images relating to sustainable energy or domestic/industrial energy reduction and would like me to add them to this site then please send them in! I may even be able to link back to your site if it is related to sustainable living or energy reduction.