Here are some sustainable energy resources which cover topics such as renewable energy, home DIY solar and wind projects, home energy audits, renewable energy credits, electric vehicles and vehicle to grid, demand management and smart grids, energy saving and future energy.


With a rise in the number of people accessing their content in digital format, many eagerly look for ebook versions for their content which can be read on the Amazon Kindle or iPad/iPhone. Here are a few digital ebooks which I feel offer value for money. All come with a money back guarantee so if you are unhappy with the content you can ask for a refund.

DIY solar panels

DIY Solar Panels

If you are thinking about installing some solar panels on your roof and want a good intro to solar energy design, this ebook is a great starting point. In addition it even shows you how to actually make your own solar panels using everyday materials. You will have to import some unwired solar cells and mount them into a wooden sealed casing. This ebook also comes with several hours of video footage which show you from start to finish how to make a solar panel.

DIY wind generator

DIY Wind Generator

This project is probably more suitable for a farm situation where you have plenty of space and a great untapped wind resource. Part of the success of this DIY walkthrough will depend on you being able to find an old used motor suitable to become the generator component of your wind turbine. The rest of the construction is fairly simple and uses PVC pipes and some other easily purchased components. If you are going to attempt to build your own wind turbine I would recommend reading this introduction and walkthrough first.


Sustainable energy books can be bought from a number of places. Since much of the material is fairly specialised, I would recommend having a look at Amazon and Australian bookstore Sustainable Insight which specifically sells books relating to sustainability.